Zūm is a simple wireless lighting control system. Each device is thoughtfully engineered to work together seamlessly. Setup is as easy as “pair and play” with a tap of the dimmer or keypad, or from the iPhone® app. Even better, Zūm is affordable and highly scalable. Start with one space, or several. Even add centralized network management.

Crestron Zūm 

Sometimes design the controls for an entire faculity can seem daunting. Crestron simplifies this task with the Space Builder Tool. Click on the tutorial below that will walk you through step-by-step to design the system you need.

CRESTRON Space Builder Tool

​Jesco Lighting has designed a family of pendants and wall sconces that you can customize.  With blue glass in LED to silver waffle glass in flourescent, Jesco's Architectural Wall Sconce and Pendant configurator gives you the options you want.
Click on the configurator link to start creating your new product or click the video to see what all the options are.

Architectural Pendant and Wall Sconces Video

Jesco Architectural Wall Sconce and Pendant Configurator

Fanimation not only designs and provides great looking fans for todays customer but they also have a way you can take a stroll down memory lane.  The Antique Fan Museum located at the Fanimation head quarters in Zionsville, IN gives you 2 floors of fan history.  Click the link below to see what the muesum includes.

Antique Fan Muesum Tour


LED Tape lighting is one of the best ways to provide under cabinet, cove, and above cabinet lighting.
It offers a low wattage and extremely effecient light source, it is able to be configured to your application needs, and gives you a low maintenance long life solution. Click on the link below to start planning your project using LED tape.

Maxim Lighting LED Tape Configurator


American Lighting offers a wide variety of products from LED tape to LED floods to seasonal lighting.  They have come a long way from being one of the biggest sellers of Incandescent rope light just 15 years ago.  Keep American Lighting in mind when you are looking for LED outdoor solutions, cove or undercabinet solutions, sign solutions, and seasonal solutions.
Check out the links below for some of American Lighting Seasonal products.

LED Orb Light String

Twinkle LED Light String

One of the hardest things for companies to manage is how they are going to keep their emergency system working properly.
You could hire a 3rd party to handle this which costs money month/yearly.  You could have your current employees take the time away from their standard work load to handle it. This costs more time than money but adds to the employees work load.
Or you could have your own Emergency Management System by Nexus. This system monitors your system in real time and lets you know how it is doing. You customize the system to work best with your schedule and lets you know what the results are each month of tests.
Click on the video link below to hear how the Nexus system can help you and your company stay safe.

Emergi-Lite Nexus Video


Do you have HID or other older lighting sources that you need to replace?
Who is your power/energy provider?
The links below are for a few of the energy companies in Indiana and the programs that they currently have.
If you have questions, please contact your local power company.

Duke Energy -


Truck and Freight Tracking

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Dayton Freight:
R & L Carriers:
Alliance Air Freight, Inc.:
For More Truck Links:

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